Our church offers a variety of ministries that attend to your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. See further information on the various ministries below by clicking on the respective green button.


Sabbath School
The Sabbath School Department provides full religious education for church members of all ages, including Sabbath School Bible Study Guides and material for programming on Saturday mornings and other activities during the rest of the week. The department also supplies training and resources to Sabbath School Lesson teachers and promotes the significance of world missions.

        Children's Ministry
Havertown Seventh Day Adventist Children's Ministry is geared to help our children build a stronger relationship with God. The center of our Children’s Ministry is to develop a solid relationship with God. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22: 6; and that says it all!

Health Ministry
The Adventist Health Ministries department of the Havertown Seventh-day Adventist church is dedicated to promoting an integrated wellness lifestyle through modeling and through needs-based, scientifically supported, gospel-oriented materials.

Men's Ministry

Havertown Seventh Day Adventist Church's Men's Ministry encourages and facilitates meaningful spiritual, mental, and emotional growth among the men of the church.
Women's Ministry
Our Team embraces the conference directive to uphold encourage, and challenge women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His church. Additionally, offering women's perspectives, fostering spiritual growth and renewal, affirming worth, and equipping women for service top the list of priorities.

Youth Ministry
The Youth Department of the Havertown Seventh-day Adventist Church coordinates the grooming and teaching of the youth, and helps youth leaders evaluate and monitor the results of their programming. The department conducts training seminars, and enhances the future of the mission of gospel by setting the stage of future church leaders.

Communication Department
"Expeditious communication" is the mission statement of the Havertown SDA Church Communication Department. We will embark to achieve this objective by active exchange and presentation of information in an open manner that allows total participation and eliminates censorship of any kind. We will discharge this duty by following the steps of Christ in order to channel proper information from and to those who need it within our diverse church audience -- both internally and externally -- through many avenues of communication. Creating an informative and intuitive web site, updating current events, and writing news stories and press releases are some of the ways we will share our message. In our efforts, the focus is to foster a clearer image of the church, its mission, activities and witness, so that many will become followers of Christ and members of His church.

Personal Ministries
The Havertown Seventh-day Adventist Church Evangelism Ministry aims to empower its members through Biblical education to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ as stated in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and make disciples and teach them.

Hospitality Ministry
The Havertown Hospitality Ministry is dedicated to promoting healthy living for its church members and visitors, and strives to provide free healthy vegan meals every first and third Sabbath of each month in order to enhance fellowship, and provide for their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.